Best Bike Seat for Hemorrhoids

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Best Bicycle Seats for Hemorrhoids in 2021

Cycling is a very beautiful and recreational sport that has innumerable virtues for physical and psychological well-being, which have been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies that it strengthens the muscles, the heart, and the lungs and also protects the body from various diseases and eliminates stress.

However, if you like cycling but suffer from hemorrhoids, you should acquire a series of preventive habits to avoid pain and symptoms from becoming more acute when you ride your bike. Besides, it is also recommended that you wear comfortable cycling clothing and use a good bicycle seat for hemorrhoids.

Can Cycling Cause Hemorrhoids?

No, it is not a direct trigger of hemorrhoidal disease, but rather a factor that increases the risk if you cycle for long distances of more than two hours continuously. In fact, it is estimated that about 65% of people suffer from hemorrhoids, even though more than 90% do not practice this beautiful sport.

In other words, it cannot be said that those who practice cycling will end up suffering from hemorrhoids, but it must be taken into account that, in people who already have a physical predisposition to the disease, practicing this sport can accelerate the appearance or worsen the symptoms.

Can I Ride a Bicycle if I Have Hemorrhoids?

I know that riding a bike with hemorrhoids can be painful. However, if you suffer from this type of condition, you can prevent the pain and symptoms from increasing when you ride by making sure that the seat is in the correct position and that it is a bicycle seat for hemorrhoids. This will make cycling much more enjoyable.

Therefore,  we have prepared this list of the best bike seat for hemorrhoids for you:


This great bike seat is special for older people and especially for people suffering from hemorrhoids generates great comfort and satisfaction to those who acquire it. The seat is extra wide and extra comfortable, thanks to its soft padding and double spring suspensions. So you don’t have to worry about the problems you may have, such as hemorrhoids, this seat can help you exercise and stay in shape while being comfortable.

It is available in two versions that allow you to place it on any bike you want, one is a senior saddle with stainless springs and the other senior saddle with elastomer spring.

This type of padded seat is perfect since it relieves the prostate and coccyx, best of all it can also be adjusted to your body shape for a lighter and more durable ride. Besides the comfort that this seat offers, with it, comes a waterproof cover that will make your trips more comfortable forgetting the pain produced by hemorrhoids, it comes with a saddle clamp adapter and its respective tools to mount it.

The design of the seat’s shock absorber is special for older people or those who present inconveniences since the shock absorber allows weight to be distributed evenly, which makes it possible for the person to be pain-free and not to build up pressure in the lower back.


  • It has great comfort thanks to its padding.
  • Absorbs the impact of the blow greatly.


  • Springs can generate quite a lot of noise.
  • The spring can eventually break and cause various damages to the saddle.
  • In some cases, its installation can be complicated.

DAWAY C99 – Comfortable Bike Seat

Any cyclist needs to be able to enjoy himself comfortably on his bike, especially if he has hemorrhoids. The well-known brand DAWAY understood this need to provide a really comfortable seat and has developed this incredible seat, the C99. This seat is ideal for any cyclist, it is comfortable, has a striking design, durable, and easy to install.

Also, it comes with rear lights that glow at night, which provide added safety if you like to ride at night. However, you can also purchase this same seat, without the taillights, which is the C-10 model.

This DAWAY seat is upholstered and made with high-quality thick foam for absolute comfort. It is a waterproof seat, as the outer surface is made of PVC leather. With this hemorrhoid bike seat, you can ride your bike even if it is raining, and you will still feel very comfortable. Thanks to its ergonomic design and breathable hole, you will have better airflow and you will not feel pressure while pedaling.

Without a doubt, with this hemorrhoid bike seat, you won’t feel pain on your rides because it is a high quality, well-padded, and non-slip seat. You will be able to enjoy this beautiful sport again and without any discomfort.


  • It has a comfortable ventilation channel.
  • Attractive design.
  • Easy to install.
  • It has an incredible price-quality ratio.
  • Waterproof taillight.


  • The taillight battery is not very durable.

Bikeroo – Oversize Bike Saddle

This bike seat provides great comfort thanks to its thick padding, extra-wide design, and its double steel spring suspension, which allows you to feel comfortable without generating pain, especially when you suffer from hemorrhoids. This seat allows you to distribute the pressure depending on how you use it, whether as an indoor, stationary, or outdoor bike seat.

With the acquisition of this saddle come a set of accessories for your bike that have, waterproof seat cover, universal adapter for bike seat, and tools for assembly. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is ideal for use as a bicycle seat.

The saddle mounting system is of standard rails and an adapter so that it can be adjusted universally, usable in any type of bicycle, road, fixed, Cruiser, among others. Always giving you the greatest comfort and allowing you to forget about any inconvenience such as hemorrhoids when cycling.

This saddle comes in two types of versions, and it will depend on the type of bike you are going to use it on. Firstly, the senior saddle with stainless springs, which is for outdoor bikes, and secondly, the senior saddle with elastomer spring, which is for indoor bikes.


  • Ideal for replacing uncomfortable indoor and outdoor bike seats.
  • It comes with the necessary tools for its correct installation.
  • Simple to install.
  • Perfect for large and heavy people.


  • The seat is secured from the rear with a single nut without a washer and may cause the seat to come loose.

Top Rated Bike Seat for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a disease that can make it difficult for you to ride a bike but using the best bike seat for hemorrhoids, you will be able to do it with total comfort, and any of these options will be an excellent choice. Also, it’s essential to follow your doctor’s instructions so that nothing can separate you from this great sport, and you can continue enjoying your cycling adventures.

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