Best Toddler Bike Seat

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What Is The Best Toddler Bike Seat Available in 2021?

When we have children, what we enjoy most is being able to share with them. However, sometimes to take care of them, we have to sacrifice some activities of our routine, like riding a bike. It would be great to be able to combine bike rides with sharing and playing with our kids at the same time, right? And in fact, if you can do it.

Here’s how you can take your kids with you when you want to go out biking. By using a toddler bike seat, you won’t have to give up this wonderful sport you can even share it with the little people you love the most.

What Is a Toddler Bike Seat?

It’s a special seat to put on your bike so that you can safely and legally take our young children with you on your bike. There are three types, those that are placed on the handlebars, in the back, and the frame. These types of bicycle seats allows us to enjoy riding with our little children.

What Age Can I Take My Child on the Toddler Bike Seat?

Ideally, the child should weigh no less than 20 pounds, which makes the child safe in the seat. This means that from eight or nine months, even a little earlier, he or she will be able to accompany you on your ride. However, some parents decide to wait a little longer and don’t take their child on a ride until he or she is one year old.

Keep in mind that it’s not recommended that your child weigh more than 50 pounds either, although there are seats that can support more weight. Generally, these seats are prepared for children between six months and four years of age. But the most important thing is for you to be sure the child is ready. That’s the ideal time to start passing on your passion for cycling.

The Best Bike Seats for Toddlers

Biking is an excellent family plan, especially on sunny days with a pleasant climate. Of course, to enjoy this activity with our children, we must have an appropriate bicycle seat for them. Below are the best Bike Seats for Toddlers:

Schwinn Deluxe Child Bike Seat

This seat is suitable for installation in the back of the bike. It is very easy and quick to install on almost any bike. It is made of polypropylene so that it is durable and remains in optimal condition despite constant use.

Schwinn understands that the priority on any child bike seat is safety, so it has several safety accessories built-in, so they are always safe and can enjoy the ride in total comfort. The harness is a quick release, and the leg rests have adjustable tethering. Also, the crossbar is padded for safety. Both the footrests, headrest, and backrest are designed to make your toddler really comfortable.

Installation is simple and easy, all you need is a screwdriver, and the seat is mounted on the back of the frame. It is designed for children over 12 months and can support up to 40 pounds. You should be aware that this seat is not compatible with rear suspension bikes, and for safety, before installing the seat you should make sure that the bike has no problems and everything works fine.


  • It has several safety accessories to keep your little one safe.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • It is a durable high-quality seat.
  • It has an affordable price.


  • Cannot be used with rear suspension bikes.

Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat

This is a chair that requires 3″ in the seat tube to be mounted. It is made for children as young as nine months, and approximately a maximum weight of 49 pounds. What makes this chair stand out is the authentic universal mounting system it has. Many bikes usually have wires in the seat tube that can prevent a seat from being mounted on the frame. With Hamax Cares you don’t have to worry about this, as the mounting block design has no problem with those cables, so it makes it more compatible with most bikes.

Its construction is durable, has simple and quick adjustments so that they can be carried out with one hand, and thus ensure stability. The seat can be reclined up to 20 degrees, a suspension for a smooth ride, because it’s made of double-bar steel that manages to absorb shocks and can be fixed directly to the frame, adjusting to frames between 28 and 40 mm. It has a support that is anti-theft and can be locked. Also, it has shoulder straps, which provide great comfort because they are wrapped in a soft foam, which is a little sticky to prevent slipping from the shoulders.


  • It’s easy to install.
    Thanks to the shock-absorbing suspension, it’s very safe.
    It has a double spring suspension.
    It has a footrest that slides, and the height can be varied.


  • Its high cost.
  • On some bikes, it can become unstable when installed.
  • It can constantly rub against the rear wheel.

Bellelli Bicycle Baby Carrier

These chairs are made in Italy, weigh 7.5 pounds, are washable and water-resistant. Their design was created with the most advanced comfort and safety features, and this is achieved thanks to the included reclining angle for the neck and shoulder support. It features tall sideboards that serve to reduce turbulence.

It is made to support a weight of up to 50 pounds. And it is adaptable to round seat tubes between 25 and 46 mm, and also to oval-type seats between 30 and 60 mm. It also features a quick-release anchorage system, which is very easy to install and remove. The yellow button allows you to quickly change the seat between bikes if you wish or if you simply want to ride the bike without the seat. It has footrests that can be easily adjusted up and down to fit different sizes of children.

The seat has side protection for the legs and feet that are wider and safer, it also comes with a childproof buckle, and for parents, the safety harness is 3 point and a reliable mount.


  • It’s simple to install and remove.
  • The quality/price ratio is good.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They provide a lot of security.


  • In some cases, the strap and buckle are often damaged after a short time.
  • For some bikes, their assembly may become unstable and crash with the rear wheel.
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