Best Bike Helmet with Lights

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What Are The Best Bike Helmet with Lights Available On The Market?

Whenever we are cycling, safety is a top priority. A piece of essential bicycle equipment is a helmet. It protects your head, which is the most critical part of your body. Having the best bike helmet ensures your safety and protection every time you are riding outside. There are new helmets in the market right now that have built-in lights for added security. It is for other road users so that they can see you, especially at night. You might be a safe cyclist that follows the road rules, but we cannot say if some other drivers also follow the rules.

Not only does helmet lights alert your presence, but it also illuminates the road in front of you. Some built-in lights for bike helmets are powerful enough to act as your bicycle’s headlight. Instead of a regular bike helmet, you can choose these types with powerful lights for you to have an extra level of safety. We have compiled some of the best bike helmets with lights that can provide a safe and enjoyable biking experience every time.

The Best Bicycle Helmets with Lights in 2021

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

If you want an attractive but safe bike helmet, look no further as the Lumos Kickstart might be just for you. This safe bike helmet is suitable, especially when riding in the city. The helmet has 500 Lumens of lighting, sufficient for other road users to see you, especially at night. The light is visible at eye level and has 360-degree visibility. The helmet has ten white lights at the front and 38 red lights at the back. The LED lights are bright and will make your presence more visible even in the day. The backlights are very useful as they can prevent rear collisions, especially when vehicles are speeding and they could not see you.

There are three customizable flashing modes, and also has a rechargeable battery to power it. A handy feature for the bike helmet is the remote control included; it can turn the lights’ front or rear signals. It is an added safety feature so that you can alert other road users where you’re going. Other road users must know where you’re turning to avoid miscommunication and possibly avoid accidents. The helmet has an EPS foam core and a polycarbonate shell to keep you safe when your cycling. This helmet is an excellent choice as it has customizable LED lights and a reliable helmet that keeps you safe anytime and anywhere.

Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet comes with bone-conducting audio with LED taillights. If you want an advanced and high-tech bicycle helmet, this is an excellent choice. The LED lights turn on automatically according to ambient light conditions. It is built for long rides as Coros included an industry-leading 8-hour battery life. The helmet has EPS impact foam and polycarbonate shell for your safety. Remain connected as it also has features to answer your phone calls. You can install a remote on the handlebar to answer calls or skip, play, and pause music. A bone conduction technology incorporated on the helmet lets you hear rich audio through your cheekbones. It is excellent when you want to listen to music while also not compromising your safety. It leaves your ears open to hear your surroundings preventing possible accidents. This helmet is for those who are looking for modern-day features with safety in mind.

LIVALL MT1 Smart Bike Helmet

The LIVALL MT1 has flashing wireless taillights that will alert other road users when you are cycling. It can inform others whenever you are turning left or right. You can also control the lights via your smartphone. It has brake warning lights so that others behind you can stop preventing rear collisions. The front lights work great with the rear lights giving you protection and safety in all directions. You can also connect the helmet with the LIVALL riding app so that when the helmet emergency signals are on, an SOS message is sent to your emergency contacts immediately.

Smart4U Smart Bike Helmet with Alert Lights

With this fantastic bike helmet, you get three alert lights that ensure your safety. Equipped with a 7-key LED light array, the lights turn on bright and get brighter, especially at night. Choose some of the light effects such as tidal or flashing lights. The helmet also has brake lights that turn on whenever you stop or slow down. The helmet features a breathable, waterproof, and lightweight material that is suitable for your daily commute. You do not have to worry about the lights breaking down whenever you are using it in the rain as the helmet has waterproofing features. The Smart4U bike helmet is excellent for anyone who wants a comfortable, safe, and attractive bike helmet that they can use every day.

LIVALL BH60 Bike Helmet with LED Lights

The LIVALL BH60 has 6 LED lights on the rear for excellent visibility and safety. 8 LED tail lights serve as direction indicators. It lets others know if you are turning left or right, which prevents accidents. It also a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy music while riding. You can also receive calls with the built-in mic. A unique feature of the BH60 bike helmet is the SOS alert. It has a gravity sensor that senses an impact. The bike helmet’s LED lights will be automatically displayed when it senses an impact, and it sends an SOS message to your emergency contacts immediately.

Just download the LIVALL riding app and connect your helmet with it so you can use the SOS alert feature. One of our testers ad PedalSteady said the app was really easy to use! The helmet’s internal battery has an outstanding 180 hours of standby and 10 hours of active use. It has a short charge time of 1.5 hours, which is excellent for on-the-go cyclists. For those cyclists who want excellent visibility and comfort in a bike helmet, the LIVALL BH60 is there to meet your expectations.

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