Best Folding Bike Lock

Best Folding Bike Lock: Buying Guide 2021

You have bought a new bike and you are probably wondering if getting a the best bike lock is necessary. Well, yes! It is important to secure your bike from being stolen. However, even though there are not many types of folding bike locks that have a good Sold Secure rating, you may still be confused while deciding which best folding bike lock to buy.

In this article, we will learn more about the most secure and best quality folding bike locks available on the market. Being a new concept, you will not find too many options for these locks. But you may want to buy a more portable and versatile folding lock that provides adequate security for your new bike.

We have reviewed the four Best Folding Bike Locks in this review article to make things easier for you and your bike.

Why is Folding Bike Lock important?

Folding bike locks have gained popularity in recent times due to its practicality, compact and foldable design. The best alternative to heavy locks is the folding bike locks. They have a strong build and a well-designed locking mechanism that lets you attach it to your bike easily and also carry it comfortably while cycling.

One important aspect of a bike lock is the material it is made from. Most of the best options are made of hardened steel. Some may also use Titanium, both of which are pretty strong and can not be broken or cut. Do not locks made of cheap allows as they are broken with simple hand tools.

Look out of additional features like built-in alarms. High-end folding bike locks offer an alarm system that can be tethered to your smartphone. This acts as a bonus since they signal the owner when the security of the bike is compromised.

You must also consider the fastening system of the bike locks since locks are designed differently. Chain locks come in different shapes, lengths and sizes whereas folding locks are more resistant, easy to carry and provide a higher level of security.

Best Folding Bike Locks

ABUS Bordo Alarm 6000/90 Plus Black

The ABUS Bordo Alarm bike lock sports a unique 100dB alarm feature which makes this option one of the top folding bike locks. The metal plates are made from hardened steel that provides extra resistance to prying, freezing, and cutting attacks.
The lock falls under the “Maximum Security” classification and provides the best mix of cost and security. If someone fiddles with the bike or the lock, it would set out a pre-alarming warning. If they still do not stop fiddling with the pre-alarming warning and plan to steal it, the 100db acoustic alarm should scare them off.

The Bordo lock weighs about 3.28lb and is extremely portable. Even though this is a bit heavier than the next product, Foldylock, the excellent alarm feature is surely worth the extra weight.

All in all, this should be your top option when it comes to folding bike locks with the additional feature of a high-pitch and loud alarm system.

Foldylock Compact

The next best option for a folding bike lock is definitely the Foldylock Compact that sports an excellent build quality. Compared to the Bordo lock, this product provides a slightly less locking space but the extra space is not a necessity. With Foldylock, you can easily secure both the wheels and the bike’s frame. Additionally, since the shackle is a bit smaller, there is no room left for the thieves to twist or pry the lock.

Being the lightest folding bike lock as tagged by Sold Secure Silver, it weighs only 2.2lb. The metal plates are quite similar to the Bordo’s lock, providing enough resistance from bolt cutters and all kinds of attacks.

The lock remains completely noiseless while you are riding. There is no rattling sound whatsoever. The lock has a plastic coating that prevents the lock from scratching the paintwork of your bike. The hard plastic layer also protects the lock from any unwanted abrasion and keeps it rust-free.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Folding Lock

The Kryptonite Kryptolok folding bike lock is another great option that offers 5mm specially hardened steel plates. On a security scale of 10, the Kryptolock rates a 6 which makes this option quite good for moderate security.

There are 2 options available, one that comes with 33″ and another with 39″. The former option weighs around 2.4lbs and can be folded down to 8.7″ x 2.0″. Whereas, the latter 39″ version weighs a little more than the 33″ version, at 2.7 lbs. When folded, the 39″ version becomes 9.8″ x 2.0″.

Worth mentioning, the Kryptonite Kryptolok folding bike lock also sports a bracket that can be easily installed on multiple bike frames with the help of a strap of neoprene. Additionally, the rubber coating on the links helps in protecting the frame from abrasion or scratches and the sliding cover helps in keeping the bike lock free from dirt and dust.

SIGTUNA Folding Bike Lock

SIGTUNA folding bike lock is extremely lightweight and it protects your ride with 16mm premium and high-performance steel plates that have extra resistance against pry, cuts, or other attacks.

The lock is excessively powerful with a disc-style, high-security cylinder. It also offers a double deadbolt anti-picking mechanism. The design of the lock is U-shaped with steel cables. Other than locking up the bike in a few seconds, it can secure your accessories too.
The woven steel cable comes with a 4 feet double loop for extra security and it deters thieves from prying or twisting the cable. You can also secure your helmet with this cable.

Final Thoughts on the Best Folding Bike Locks

Folding locks are an excellent substitute for chains and u-locks. Folding bike locks can attach to the bike using specific bike tool kits and provide security to your bike and protects it from thieves. If you have spent so much on your bike, do you not want to secure it with the best folding lock? Our testers at PedalSteady can confirm these are easy to carry and store. The important factors that you must consider while deciding to buy a lock are – Security level, the shape of the lock, additional features, etc.

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