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What Are The Best Bicycle Tools?

Bike Tools and KitsOwning a bike means being your own mechanic. Of course, you can take your bike to a shop, but you don’t want to pay someone else to fix any little thing that goes wrong! The good news is that you can easily get everything you need to maintain your bike and be ready for any mishap. But learning how to use them, now that’s up to you!

Maybe you’re not quite convinced you need bike tools. “It’s just a bike,” you might be thinking, “how hard can it be?” Well, here are a few things you will need tools to fix: poorly adjusted brakes, flat tire, loose or broken chain, adjusting your derailleurs… the list goes on!

But intentional selection of and investment in bike tools early on can save you headaches and maintenance costs down the road. Let’s look at a few different kinds of tools, and a few examples of good tools in each category!

What Is a Tool That Every Cyclist Should Have? 

The one tool every cyclist should have, no matter your skill level or style of riding, is a good bike multi-tool. There are all kinds of shapes, sizes, and features, but a good multi-tool is the take-anywhere solution to nearly all of your bike’s problems. 

You can’t go wrong with the Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool. This rugged and reliable tool comes with a convenient carrying case to make it easy to take with you, whether you are going to work, on a training ride, or hitting the trail. With 19 tools, including a universal chain tool, screwdrivers, and even spoke wrenches, this tool fits a whole tool chest in your pocket or backpack.

If you’re looking for something a little more light-duty, check out the VeloChampion MLT10. This is the ideal tool to keep with you. It is lightweight and compact, but still has all of the essential screwdrivers and hex wrenches for emergency adjustments, and even includes the nearly-ubiquitous T25 torx screwdriver.

No matter which multi-tool you choose, make sure to find one that you can carry with you. They can be real life savers on the road or the trail. However, they can’t fix all your bike problems, like the dreaded flat tire.

What Is The Best Tire Repair Kit?

Nothing stops a ride faster than a punctured inner tube, but there’s no need to let that ruin your ride. Flat tires can happen anywhere–pulling out of your driveway, in the turn lane, or halfway down a mountain. No matter where the flat happens, you can always be prepared with a convenient tire repair kit. 

This Maifede Bike Tube Repair Kit keeps all of the essentials to repair a flat in a convenient carrying case. The strong tire tools make getting the tire off a breeze. The kit include metal scouring tools which are used to prepare the inner tube for adhesive. Then simply apply the rubber cement, place the patch, and you’re ready to go!

The TAGVO Puncture Repair Kit offers a few added tools, such as two extra tire tools, spare valve stems, and a more durable rasp file. Of course, these added tools add some weight and bulk, but you can definitely ride with peace of mind knowing this kit is with you.

Fixing a flat tire is not much help if you can’t inflate it! It’s a good idea to always have a portable bike pump with you, either attached to your bike or in your backpack. For a simple bike pump, look no further than this Zukka Mini Bike Pump that comes with all of the attachments you might want and a convenient mount to attach the pump to your bike.

What Bike Repair Kit Should You Ride With?

When you’re setting out on a bike ride, there are plenty of things to worry about, and emergency maintenance shouldn’t be one of them. The best option for many cyclists is an all-in-one bicycle maintenance and repair kit. These kits hold a multi-tool, tire patch kit, pump, and perhaps a few other tools in a convenient frame-mounted bag.

This Kitbest Bike Repair Kit has it all. It includes a multi-tool, patch kit, and tire pump in a compact pouch ready to attach to your bike’s frame. You’ll be ready to hit the road or trail with total peace of mind in no time.

If you prefer to mount your repair kit under your saddle, check out this repair kit from WOTOW. It offers all of the essential tools you need in an easy to mount under-saddle bag. This keeps all of your tools out of your way while riding, but easy to access when needed.

What Is The Best Bike Tool Set?

A multi-tool, patch kit, and tire inflator will cover all of the essentials, but you can save even more time and money by getting a good bike toolset. These tool sets include more tools than a multi-tool which will, with a little practice, let you fully maintain your bike. 

A good bike tool kit will give you the most of the best quality tools. There are many tools you need to maintain a bike that go beyond toolbox staples, so even if you have a well-stocked chest, a bike tool set is still a smart purchase.

This tool kit from Honhill packs 44 tools into one compact case. The wide range of tools will help you maintain every part of your bike, from the chain to the brakes to the derailleurs to the cassette. 

If you are looking into building out your home bike shop, you may also want to get a bike stand to help you reach all parts of your bike with ease. Additionally, even if you have a mini pump to keep on your bike, a tire pump will help with regular tire maintenance.

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