Ebike Maintenance & Tune Up Tips

E Bike Maintenance

Electric Bikes and How To Maintain Them

Here’s how to make sure your e-bike’s in good condition

Whether you already have one or are still planning to buy one, there are a few important things you should know when it comes to taking care of an electric bike. Because an e-bike is, after all, a bicycle, you should know the basic maintenance and repair for a regular bike. You also have to be aware of the fundamental parts (the motor, battery, and display and control system) and their purposes. While there are many internet resources where you can find answers to your electric bike queries, they can also be overwhelming and too complicated to comprehend. But don’t worry! Because we’ve gathered all information and guidelines to help you understand the basics of maintaining and repairing an e-bike. Here are four easy tips you can do to make sure your e-bike’s in excellent condition whenever you take it out for a ride. 

E-Bike Brakes and Chains

The chains of your e-bike are one of the first components to wear as you use your e-bike frequently. Because of electric bikes’ high-speed capability, the chains can get too much friction and eventually get damaged. To prolong your e-bike chains’ usability, regularly remove old, dirty oil and lubricate it adequately. Make sure to wash out the previous oil before applying the new lubricant thoroughly. This will ensure the chains move freely within the drivetrain resulting in a smoother ride.

How To Take Care of E-Bike Tires

Your tires are the ones that interact with the ground. So when you go through rugged terrain, your tires are vulnerable to punctures and damages from sharp objects resting on the ground. As a result, these tires get flat and may be challenging to fix. Replacing tires differ for an e-bike with a mid-drive motor compared to one with a hub motor. Bluntly speaking, it’s harder to fix the latter because the motor is installed at the center of the wheel, while for mid-drive e-bikes, replacing tires should only be easy as it is the same as fixing flat tires in a standard bicycle. To replace the tires of a hub motor e-bike, you should know how to disconnect and reconnect the motor from its cables and control system. In this part, it’s best to get some help from your e-bike provider or get an expert to do it for you.

How To Properly Care For an E-Bicycle Battery

The battery is like the heart of an electric bike and it’s also the most expensive part. Taking good care of your e-bike can save you hundreds of dollars on replacement and repair. Your battery’s life is defined by the number of cycle counts (number of times it is emptied and filled up completely). A typical e-bike battery has a cycle count range of 500-1000 cycles just enough for your e-bike to last for several years. To help you maximize your battery’s potential and capacity, Make sure to charge it with the charger and adapter that came with it originally. It is discouraged to use third party chargers as they may damage your battery due to the mismatch in the current flowing. Always charge the battery up to 100% and avoid completely emptying it. Although some experts say it’s good to fully discharge your e-bike battery once in a while. When it comes to storing and transporting, your battery needs to be kept in a cool, dry place away from any wet surface. On the other hand, bringing your e-bike and parking it in a public place makes it prone to theft so make sure your battery is secured by locking it properly and purchasing additional safety locks for your e-bike. Here are some accessories you can get to increase your e-bike’s level of security.

For more tips on how to take care of your battery, read the full article: Taking Care of an E-Bike Battery

When Does My E-Bicycle Need a Tune-up?

One of the primary things you need to do when maintaining an electric bike is the tune-up. Having a regular tune-up is good for your e-bike’s performance on and off the road. An electric bike tune-up includes brake adjustments, drivetrain calibration, checking of bearing systems, and safety check on all bolts. Likewise, for electric bikes, a tune-up involves inspection of all electrical wirings and connections.

Some e-bike shops may offer or require additional services on top of a basic tune-up maintenance. This is to make sure that all parts, including the electric motor and battery, are in good condition. However, if an electric bike shop is not available in your area, you always choose to  go back to your ebike supplier and contact them regarding e-bike maintenance. Since it’s their product, they are most likely the most knowledgeable about it. 

Essentially, having a regular electric bike tune-up lets  you know the current condition of your e-bike and helps you pinpoint faulty parts and prevent further damages.

Just like a regular bicycle, maintaining an electric bike is as easy as 1-2-3 and 4! Following these four helpful tips will not only preserve your electric bike’s performance but it will also prolong its shelf life. 

Although electric bikes are considered to be water-resistant, they can only take so much. And just like any other piece of technology that makes use of metals like steel and aluminum, an electric bike is highly susceptible to corrosion and breakage that is why preventing it from getting wet should also be one of your top  priorities.

At PedalSteady we have found that taking care of an electric bike, maintaining and repairing it shouldn’t be troublesome. You can always follow these four simple steps and if you have any concern or additional notes, just let us know in the comment section below!

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