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Pinellas Trail

The Pinellas trail right now comprises of 37 miles of pathway that runs from Tarpon Springs in the north down through numerous networks until it arrives at downtown St Petersburg at the southern finish of the Peninsula. The path is devoted to Fred Marquis who was instrumental in the improvement of the pathway. Notwithstanding going through nine urban areas, the path regularly goes between tall trees that give a lot of welcome shade and isolation. You will discover numerous chances to tour along the path, the sort of fascination relying upon which segment of the path you pick. (We especially like the association with the bicycle way prompting Clearwater Beach.) The way will take you past conduits, intriguing highlights of little networks, and the more intricate sights of the bigger urban areas of the promontory. Taking the whole path is excessive for a great many people so simply pick the region you are generally keen on observing. The path twists through Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater, Belleair, Largo, Seminole, Gulfport, and St Petersburg. Pick your preferred city and begin on your voyage through the Pinellas Trail!

Pinellas Trail Experience

Choosing which part of the Pinellas Trail is the best for you involves individual inclination. A few people appreciate the significant lots of lush pathway while others like the stopovers in mainstream urban areas like Tarpon Springs or Dunedin. At Clearwater, you can take a redirection on the bicycle way over the highway to the sea shore. In Largo you will pass by the enormous grounds of Largo Central Park and, more distant south, Walsingham Park, home to Florida Botanical Gardens and Heritage Village. Going from Seminole to St Petersburg, you will have a chance to cross the longest scaffold on the path, spreading over the waters of Long Bayou, with clearing sees over the water toward the north and south. The path starts – or closes at the docks in St Petersburg, an incredible spot to bicycle and stroll along the picturesque midtown waterfront. Despite where you utilize the path, you will undoubtedly have an unwinding and intriguing experience. The paramount sights and pleasant stretches of the Pinellas Trail merit visiting.

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