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How to Bring your Dog on a Bike Ride

How to Ride a Bike With a Dog: Safety Info and Top Selling Equipment

Similar to golfing, cycling has long been known as a sport for all ages and sizes, and now, even bringing your dog along has become a reality! From leashes to baskets, to even trailers, the options are boundless. Choosing one that perfectly suits your beloved companion might be a hassle, therefore, in this article, we bring you through the benefits of bringing your dog along, how to ride a bike with a dog, as well as the industry’s best products to purchase for doing so.

How to Safely Bike With Your Dog

If done correctly, biking with your dog can be fun, exhilarating, and most importantly, safe!

Biking with Smaller Dogs

How to Safely Bike With Your Dog

  • For the smaller dogs, more precautions need to be taken. Going at a slower pace, and traveling shorter distances would allow them to exercise freely while allowing you to have your daily workout as well. It is highly recommended that you pick up either a basket or a leash if you’re considering bringing out a smaller-sized pup on your cycling trip.

Biking with Larger Dogs

  • It would be a much better alternative to let your larger dogs run alongside you when cycling, through leashes. However, if you prefer sitting them down, a bicycle trailer would do wonders for you.

Benefits Of Cycling With Your Dog


The benefits of cycling with your dog are practically endless. From being able to take out your dog for longer periods of time, to having a great workout session at the start of the day, cycling with your dog allows you to spend more time with the ones you love most.

Moreover, one that many dog owners can agree on, is that bringing your dog out motivates you to cycle more regularly, thus, this builds an active lifestyle for your pet, and builds a regular routine for you.

Best Way to Bike With Your Dog

There are numerous ways that would allow you to effortlessly bike with your dog, and we’ve boiled it down to just 3 ways listed below that have been highly recommended from experts that you might want to consider for your next adventure.

Dog Trailers

  • These usually come in the form of a big enclosed frame with wheels on both sides, that latch onto the back of your bicycle on the wheel’s axle. This is typically done through a rod that extends from the trailer to attach using a universal coupler, which ensures that it’ll fit most bikes.
  • This solution will be sure to fit any sized dogs, especially larger ones, as they will be given more space. And could also be utilized for smaller dogs, if you feel safer giving them more area to play in.
  • Some designs even allow you to push them when jogging, after converting. Which is perfect for those who jog or run.

Dog Basket

  • Dog baskets typically attach in the front of your bike using a front bike rack, or on the rear of your bike through a rack. It is most suitable for your dog if you purchase a basket that was specifically made for putting dogs in, as they contain leashes and pet-friendly materials.
  • These baskets are meant for only smaller pups and have a weight limit, which should be taken into consideration when purchasing one.
  • The front rack or rear rack usually isn’t included when purchasing a dog basket, but we’ll be sure to link one down below.


  • One thing to note is that dog leashes for cycling aren’t identical to normal dog leashes you use when bringing them out for walks or runs, instead these dog leashes for cycling come with a pole/rod that runs from the center of your bike which would be around the seat, and extends out, to ensure that your dog doesn’t come anywhere near the wheels, which might get them injured.
  • These leashes are perfect for any size dogs, but remember to go at the same pace as your dog, especially if they are the smaller ones.
  • This is the best solution for many as they are inexpensive, while allowing your dogs to run freely, however, they do require for you to go slower than usual on your bike.

Best Dog Trailers For Cycling

Aosom Elite Pet Dog Trailer


Notable Features

  • Universal fit, to ensure that all bicycles work well with this product.
  • Triple-zipped door, giving you all the protection necessary, as well as allowing you to have an easier time getting your dog in & out.
  • Two 20″ wheels, providing you with off-road capabilities and smooth rides on all areas, at all times!


  • The Aosom dog trailer is ideal considering its protection features, its versatile design, and the overall ease-of-use attained from such a stunning product. One of the best features is the reflectors, as well as the mesh that doubles as protection while giving your dog sufficient ventilation.
  • Furthermore, the Aosom dog trailer showcases a durable frame, and can be easily assembled, making sure you’re up & running in no time!

Aosom Elite 2-in-1:

Notable Features

Easily converted into a stroller for your pet, within a few steps, you can turn the dog bike trailer into a stroller for when you rather jog or run.

Waterproof cover, to give you optimal coverage for your pet during the worst of conditions.

Safety leash included, ensuring your pet stays in place during the ride.


The Aosom Elite 2-in-1 is ideal for dogs of any kind. From its durable construction to the multi-layer protection your dog receives at the back, you can rest assured knowing your companion is more than safe back there.

Additionally, the 2-in-1 feature is excellent as it utilizes a braking system, and a front-wheel when converted, to give you an easier time when jogging or running.

2) Dog Baskets For Cycling

Suitable Front Rack:

Petsfit Dog Basket:

I) Petsfit Dog Basket

Notable Features

Soft pad, to ensure your dog obtains the most comfortable seat possible.

Secure leash used to secure your dog in place even during bumpy rides.

Conveniently-placed pockets, to allow you to store additional items when traveling.


The Petsfit dog basket allows for dog owners to seamlessly go from carrying to placing them down on the front of their bikes when cycling. The drawstring gives the perfect fit for dogs to receive adequate ventilation, while the mat makes for a comfortable experience!

Travelin K9

Travelin K9

Notable Features

Quick installation, within 5 steps, you are all set, for any adventure ahead!

Doesn’t require an additional rack, it comes with a rack fitted for the basket and can be mounted on your bicycle’s handlebar using a clamp.

Sturdy/Durable design, to ensure your dog doesn’t sway or move around when cycling.


The Travelin K9 is perfect at just about any task you need it to complete. From its front mesh air vent to its steel frame, it does exactly what you’d expect it to! With a strong construction, you can cycle without having any worries while your pet stays in place. One of my favorite additions is the included rack, that can be easily mounted, which makes the product a complete package.

Dog Leash For Cycling

Paws & Pals Hands-Free Dog Leash:

Paws & Pals Hands-Free Dog leash

Notable Features

Leash expands & adjusts accordingly, used to match your dog’s pace.

Adjustable lock/mount, to easily install and remove when needed.

Durable materials used, to give you nothing but the highest of standards when using the leash.


The easy to install Paws & Pals dog leash is a perfect addition to any cyclists who have a dog, as it seamlessly allows you to bring along any dog of any size when going out for an adventure. Furthermore, the adjustable leash is ideal when your pace is a little off from your dogs’.

Walky Dog Plus:

II) Walky Dog Plus

Notable Features

For medium to large dogs, to handle and control even the biggest of dogs.

550-lbs pull strength, to ensure the rod remains durable and lasts for years to come.

All tools included, to give you the peace of mind, knowing all the needed equipment comes included.


The magnificent Walky dog plus leash does wonders at keeping your dog safe while ensuring nothing breaks. With its durable, paracord leash, you can be assured that even the hardest of pulls won’t break it apart. This cycling leash is ideal especially for larger-sized dogs, considering the durable construction and design.

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