How to Put a Water Bottle Holder on Your Bike

How to Install Bike Water Bottle Holder

There are different ways of attaching a water bottle holder on your bike. One method is a universal plastic clip which is an inexpensive and easy way to attach the holder. Another option is a universal clip that will not only hold bottles, but various accessories as well. The greatest option is an inexpensive plastic water bottle holder that can be placed on a bicycle.

This method of how to put a water bottle holder on your bike is the simplest method. In order to attach a holder to your bicycle, all you have to do is screw it on with the universal plastic clip which is attached to the seat post of your bike. You simply use the universal plastic clip to screw the bottle holder onto the clip. Since the universal plastic clip can be used to attach many different types of objects to your bike, it’s a good idea to have several different holders so that if your bike gets stolen, you’ll still have something to use.

The next type of holder which can be purchased is a universal clip that can be placed on various places on your bike. If you have a small bike rack, you can attach this type of holder to your bicycle and place your bottle in the holder. It’s a great way to keep your bottle safe from thieves.

The last option is a traditional metal bottle holder which can be bought at just about any bike store or used at home. This holder will hold two bottles at a time. There are different sizes of these holders so that you can choose the one that is going to work best for you. You can get different colors of metal holders so that you can change them when they get dirty.

How to Install Water Bottle Holder on Bike

They also come in different sizes, so you can fit either smaller or larger holders into your original manufacturer. Depending on what type of holder you have, you’ll either need to cut it down or drill it into your bike. The holder will not interfere with the performance of your bike.

Metal holders can be bought in larger sizes than the universal clip. If you want more than two bottles at a time, you can use a metal holder that can hold eight bottles. The taller ones are perfect for holding other accessories like bags or gloves. The holders are generally lightweight so they won’t be damaging your frame, especially if they’re placed on the rear shock.

The final way to attach a water bottle holder on your bike is a universal holder which can be purchased with or without a handle. This type of holder will work for both left handed and right handed riders. This holder works the same way as a traditional cup holder, except it doesn’t hinder the free motion of your hands.

Add Water Bottle Holder to Bike

No matter which option you choose, at PedalSteady, we know you’ll be glad you have a water bottle holder on your bike. It can keep your beverages safe from thieves and make your bike look more appealing.

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