Modular vs Full Face Helmet Comparison

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A bicycle helmet has become an essential component of our life as it keeps us safe and provides comfort to our head while riding. Helmets come in various categories, and you must match your requirements with the variety of helmets available in the market. In this regard, you must look at specific feature while buying the helmet for you. Some basic features like safety, comfort, and ventilation are, first of all, checked in every kind of helmet.

Nowadays, a debate is going on about modular vs full-face helmets. People are frequently asking a question by comparing these bike helmets. Full-face helmets are known for their protection. That’s why the best full face helmet for mountain bikes is also very renown in the market due to their extraordinary safety features. On the other hand, the modular type helmets have their unique style and extraordinary comfort level. Let’s have a deep comparison of both of these helmets.

What Are Modular Bicycle Helmets?

Modular helmets are hybrid type helmets that lie in between full-face and open face helmets. These have been specially designed to increase your comfort level while riding.

Advantages To a Modular Bike Helmet

  • There is a hinge in this helmet that allows it to become an open-face helmet. These features of openness have been included not for smokers but to get some fresh air at a stoplight or while you are parked.
  • By using this feature, you can also have a conversation with your fellow riders. Most of these helmets also come with built-in sun visors feature to increase the level of your comfort on the open road.
  • The communication with the fellow rider might not be unique features as the Bluetooth communication system has made it relatively easier to have a link with others. But this feature will be helpful if you want to drink some water or a soda from a gas station or petrol pump.
  • Some people also feel claustrophobic while wearing a full-face helmet, and they like to open the chin bar whenever they want. In this case, the modular helmet has also proved very beneficial.
  • For sun protection, there are built-in internal sun visors in this helmet. It is like sunglasses. You can flip it down whenever you need. On the other hand, while using a full-face helmet, you have to switch from a clear to a tinted visor to get complete sun protection.

Disadvantages To a Modular Bike Helmet

  • The modular helmets are a little bit heavier than full-face helmets. With the inclusion of things like a hinge system, internal sun visor, and large shell size, the overall weight of the helmet has been increased.
  • If we look at its safety, the modular helmets have the weakest point of rotating chin bar. The shell of the modular helmet is also not much reliable as compared to the full-face helmet.
  • In terms of noise, the modular helmet is good but not good enough to compare it with the full-face helmet.
  • The appearance of the modular helmet is not powerful enough as compared to the full-face helmet. Its appearance with the moving parts is more futuristic and rounder.

What are Full-face Bicycle Helmets?

Full-face helmets, for the first, were introduced by The Bell Star company in 1966. In 1975, several modifications were made, and a flip-up visor was introduced in the helmet. Before the invention of this helmet, people used open-face helmets, making them vulnerable to any injuries.

Full-face helmets have been designed so that the entire piece has been forged into a single item. It will provide you with the utmost protection as there is no hinge system like a modular helmet. There are a lot of advantages of this helmet along with little bit disadvantages. Let discuss these one by one.

Advantages To a Full-face Bike Helmet

  • Full-faced helmets are incredibly lightweight and aerodynamics. Thus, you will not feel anything heavy on your head.
  • Owing to its extraordinary protection system, it is highly recommended for high-speed riders.
  • If you have to drive for a long-distance or live in a highly congested area, then the full-faced helmet can protect you from rain, dust and an excellent ventilation system that keeps you cool throughout the riding.
  • Full face helmets have one of the best acoustic insulation systems as compared to modular helmets, which are not good enough in this regard. The noise also depends upon many other factors like size, ventilation system, external conditions, riding, and the type of motorcycle you are riding.
  • Full-face helmets have no aperture in the shell, and they will not detach on falling at any speed. Thus, it keeps your head completely safe inside, even in the case of severe accidents.
  • Full face helmets with simplified design have a commanding appearance. It looks solid.

Disadvantages To a Full-face Bike Helmet

  • Full face helmets usually are not comfortable enough as compared to modular helmets.
  • Old designed full-face helmets have no excellent ventilation system as you have to remove it entirely for getting fresh air or having a conversation with fellow riders.
  • You cannot flip up or flip down the full-face helmet as compared to the modular helmet. The flip-up option is excellent for riding in a group, chatting with fellow riders, and getting fresh air at a stoplight.

Modular vs Full-face Bicycle Helmets

Every rider will answer this question differently. If you are comparing these helmets, then you cannot ask which is better. It would help if you asked which one is better for you. Maybe one helmet is the requirement of one rider, and another kind of helmet is the requirement of another rider. It depends upon your requirements and the kind of ride you are going to take. Generally, if your ultimate preference is comfort and style, you must choose a modular type helmet, but if your preference is safety, then there is no better helmet than the full-face helmet. 

What Is The Difference Between Modular and Full-face Bicycle Helmets

In this PedalSteady article, we have tried our best to give you the best comparison between both modular and full-face helmets. Both helmets have their unique style, specifications and other properties. But if you compare them in some ways one will better than the other. You cannot always get the perfect thing. Sometimes you have to make a compromise on one thing or another. By going through this comparison, you can quickly get the best helmet for you by matching your requirement. Overall, your choice will depend upon three factors, comfort level, the desire for openness, and safety provided by the helmet.

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