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Bike racks are versatile storage equipment, that aren’t necessarily optional. From car mounts to indoor storage, to the best trailer hitch for your bike, the list goes on and on, making it a fatiguing and exhausting task to accomplish.

Upon planning to travel, in hopes of embarking on an awesome adventure with your bike, the first hurdle comes when trying to mount it to your car. There are many different kinds and varieties of such mounts, the main ones being a car mount and a hitch mount.

Thankfully in this article, we open your eyes to all the different kinds of trailer hitch bike mounts, and recommend some of the best sellers in this category, taking the troublesome element out of it. 

Car Mounts vs Trailer Hitches

Here’s a quick breakdown of both:

Hitch mounts are great if you’ve more than one bike, even up to five bikes, that you need to transport on the back of your vehicle. If you’re considering to purchase some of the best trailer hitch for your bike, it’ll have features allowing you to quickly lock and secure your bike, while remaining easy to install as well as to remove. Essentially, for most hitch mounts, installation involves you inserting the mount onto the underside of your car and screwing it in to ensure it’s stable. 

Adding to the reasons as to why you might want to invest into some of the best trailer hitch out there, is that they’re able to secure your bikes thoroughly and allows for a more comfortable and faster removal process. While they come in a tad bit more expensive when comparing it to standardized roof and trunk mounts, they’ll save you a ton of trouble you don’t ever wish for.

On the other hand, car-mounted racks are a relatively great alternative if you are looking for a cheaper, and overall more versatile experience. These models are still capable of holding more than just one bike, depending on the type. Car-mounted racks also come in different forms, such as roof-mounted, as well as trunk-mounted.

Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Rack


Obtaining 4.4 stars from its over 3,500+ customers, you can be more than sure that this is the gift you should treat yourself to! Still skeptical? Keeping in mind, it’s Amazon’s Choice tag; this remarkable product showcases storage for up to a whopping four bikes on its durable steel construction.

As proven by its countless reviews from numerous satisfied customers, the long-lasting hitch rack is equipped with a tie-down system unlike any other, in order to ensure your bicycle is not going anywhere. Although quick and easy, it’s installation process allows for utterly no wobble at all!

Swagman XC2 Hitch Bike Rack


Up next comes the Swagman XC2, with its ease of use, alongside its ability to support up to two bikes, this rack is one of the industry’s finest! This fact is particularly evident within its 2,000+ customer ratings, which left an average of 4.4 stars on Amazon. 67% of them being 5-star reviews!

Ensuring zero wobbling, this compact device will swiftly take on the job of transporting your bikes. With up to 35 pounds per bike, this profoundly curated rack is durable and was made with the future in mind.

CyclingDeal 1 Bike Car Roof Mount


If you’re looking for a cheap, but well-worth purchase of a single roof-mounted bike rack, it’s right here! Requiring nearly zero hassle, this rack is here to stay for more than just a few years!

Once the installation has been completed, it’s clamp-on design, will allow you to drive with the confidence knowing your bike will be in pristine condition!

Attaining 3.7 stars from its over 350+ customers, you can be positive that this will resolve all your problems when it comes to bike mounting!

Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Rack


Sophisticatedly designed and manufactured by professionals in the business, as proven by its over 5,800+ customers, who gave an average of 4.3 stars, 63% of which are five stars, is just the beginning of what’s so exceptional about this trunk-mounted bike rack!

As it comes already assembled, you can have it all set into place exactly how you want it to, within minutes! With a lifetime warranty from Allen Sports, you can be confident that this groundbreaking rack will last. Some notable features include its tie-down patented design, which securely fastens your bike into place, as well as its ability to be used for nearly every bicycle model out there.

The trunk-mounted rack utilizes several straps to tie down your bike, while also sustaining a long-lifetime for all the harsh conditions it’s going to face.

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