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Bicycle Safety at Night

Equipment for Riding a Bike at Night

Whether you’re an avid bike rider or one that has invested a considerable chunk of time, effort, and money to advance your skills, one thing is for sure, biking at night is the best way to do so! There is something calming about the night breeze, lack of people walking along sidewalks, and the seamlessly never-ending roads. Nevertheless, when cycling at night, things could turn deadly in an instant without having the proper equipment, maintaining it, and staying vigilant.

We hate to purchase unnecessary items that won’t be worth it in the long run, but at the same time, we desire to get back home in one piece. Therefore, we’ve sophisticatedly crafted this article to break the barrier and list out items that are vital for night cycling!

Riding Your Bike at Night: Best Lights for Visibility

In the US, there has been a reported 792 average cyclist accidents each year, some get away without a scratch if they are wearing a helmet during the accident, while others end up on their death bed. Also stated is that half of all bicycle accidents occur during nighttime due to the low visibility conditions as well as the absence of reflective materials worn on a rider.

To think that the majority of these could be prevented with something such as a simple light mounted on the front and the tail of the bike is devastating. Thankfully, in this era we live in, we have easy access to obtain one, to hopefully avoid any of these unforeseen circumstances.

White and red lights are ideal and should be mounted on the back and front of your bike before embarking on a night’s adventure. There are multiple things you should be looking out for when purchasing one, such as the battery life, mounting options, battery-operated or charging, as well as the overall durability.

Recommended Bike Lights for Night Riding

BrightRoad Rechargeable Light

Currently, this Amazon’s Choice bike light will pocket a considerable amount of cash, but at the same time, it will be sure to last you for just as long! It houses a durable aluminum casing as well as a light capable of emitting 800 lumens, which is more than enough for casual night cycling!

What’s even better, is it’s two variations, you’re allowed the option for just the front light, as well as the backlight. For only a few dollars worth of an upgrade, you’ll be saving yourself from the worst of situations to be encountered, who knows how far you can stretch that dollar!

It’s waterproofing, ease-of-use, long-lasting battery, and different light modes is a terrific combination for an individual who seeks to take on wild adventures when the lights go down!

Ascher Rechargeable Bike Light

This fits perfectly on the front & back and comes in a set of two, making it flawless for short bike rides. If you’re not the adventurous kind and tend to only cycle at night to go to nearby locations, this light will do the trick!

Whatever you might come across at night, the Ascher bike lights you have on your vehicle won’t have any problems conquering them due to the 650mAh battery, four light modes for saving battery, and easy installation!

Bicycle Safety at Night: High-Visibility Bike Jackets and Helmets

It goes without saying, the ultimate #1 to avoid crashes and any unfavorable situations is to make yourself seen. Crashes at night happen due to the low visibility. Hence, cyclists at night do the exact opposite and equip themselves with high-visibility equipment such as jackets and helmets that are neon green.

This way, the chances of unfortunate mishaps will be hugely reduced. Besides your lights, having jackers & helmets that have bright neon green incorporated into them, is better, just in case the worst situation ever dawn upon you, where your lights fail halfway through.

Suggested Bike Jackets and Helmets for Cycling at Night

Arsuxeo Cycling Jacket

The Arxueo cycling jacket with over 1,000+ satisfied customers, not only allows for more visibility when cycling at night, but also multiple storage areas for quick & portable items, waterproof capabilities during the occasional light showers, and thermal internals to keep you cool!

Keep in mind, there are multiple color variations, but the one you should be looking at is the green color choice for the utmost brightest one! Thanks to its material choice (85% polyester + 15% spandex), it allows for three soft, comfortable layers that have ample cooling while still maintaining a breathable experience.

Baleaf Men’s Cycling Windbreaker

Once again, please take into consideration to select the green color variation for high-visibility purposes. On the contrary to the previous solution, this jacket is thinner and allow for more flexibility, versatility, and overall breathability. This is all due to the 100% polyester fabric, allowing for a more comfortable experience.

If you’re not one to be affected by the cold too much, or your area doesn’t decrease in temperature too tremendously at night, this jacket can fit within small compartments, and it is a must-have, even to just store in your backpack/storage bin while cycling!

Tagvo Helmet Cover

For just several bucks extra, there are no complaints here! Choose the right size as well as fit, and cover it over your cycling helmet, for extra visibility!

What will be sure to surprise you, is that it is fitted with water and wind resistant materials to ensure there will be no hassle when it comes to cleaning and washing!

Cycling at Night Safety: GPS for Nighttime Navigation

For those wealthy, but cautious enthusiasts, it’s best you provide yourself with a GPS that has mapping capabilities and options. Especially when travelling to uncharted territories you aren’t familiarised with, the last thing you want is to get lost as the clock hits midnight.

Moreover, a GPS could allow for routing, improvement tracking, even accident detection features! Some also go to the extent of having smartphone capabilities such as messaging, notifications, and so forth. And most of these features, particularly the GPS, doesn’t require any wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi or cellular data to be accessed. So the next time you leave, you just need one device!

Best GPS Devices for Night Cycling

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

For a mostly affordable price when talking about such a device, you’ll have access to a durable baseline model. Nonetheless, you’ll have a device that can access navigation maps on and off-road, that isn’t dependant on cellular data.

Garmin has long been regarded as a leader in the field of navigation and GPS. With statistics on hand, you can slowly see yourself improve as you ride along, while having the ease of mind that you won’t be lost when biking at night!

Garmin Edge 830

If you’re someone who’s tech-savvy, and a more advanced user of technology, you’ll have every single bit of knowledge of your routes, speed, distance, endurance, focusing ability, climbing experience, and so much more! But realistically, for those beginner users, it’s only a matter of time before you fully learn how to use this device, and utilize it to the fullest.

The Garmin Edge 830 is for those who are ready to take cycling to a whole new level.

Cycling in the Dark: Miscellaneous Bicycle Equipment

Listed below is a quick roundup of things that aren’t necessary to stay safe while cycling at night, but more so of essential items that you should bring along for any biking trip night or day!

Additional Safety Equipment for Night Cycling

Hafny Bike Mirror

A bike, just like a car, could use some mirrors mounted on the side for a more relaxed viewing experience. Instead of having to twist your neck every time you hear a vehicle passing by, looking down is significantly safer, as you’ll be keeping your eyes on the road.

Kuyou Water Backpack

Planning for long trips without much dedicated rest spots ahead? A hydration pack will do the trick! Fill this thing up, and you’ll be more than ready for a few hours worth of an adventure!

Rupumpack Hydration Backpack

For those looking for a more heavy-duty solution that allows you to store your items, this is a comprehensive answer for those mountain bikers out there — allowing you multiple storage compartments and a 2.5-liter bladder to store your liquid.

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