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When Can I Ride a Bike After Total Knee Replacement?

If you are a passionate cyclist who has recently undergone a total knee replacement, things can be tough for you with your new special conditions. So in order to make life simple and continue cycling even after your total knee replacement, we have listed some best selling products on Amazon that can help you get right on the track.

Doctors recommend that a healthy exercising routine and use of indoor cycles can aid the recovery process of a patient who has suffered from total knee replacement. Riding a stationary bicycle helps to develop the range of motion and also keeps the patient in good shape. Doctors recommend the patients to use the recumbents after a period of one to two weeks post the surgery, but we recommend you to consult your physicians before you start using one right away. The recumbents help you to keep your knee muscles flexible and maintain the toning of your muscles post-surgery.

If you have gone through a total knee replacement surgery, recumbent bicycles will help you to stay fit and healthy indoors. These recumbent bikes are a safe and convenient option and can help you to continue cycling even in your special condition without having any adverse effect on your knees. So let us take a look at these recumbent products available on Amazon-

Octane Fitness XR650 Recumbent Elliptical:

  • The top-end model of octane fitness is very comfortable and one of the top-rated recumbent bikes on Amazon that can help you to recover from a knee replacement surgery and continue exercising even post-recovery.
  • Due to its long elliptical stride, the octane offers a higher calorie burn rate than other recumbent bikes and allows up to 3x times the glute activity.
  • The seat of the bike is highly comfortable and can be adjusted at different heights to accommodate all kinds of people.
  • The product comes with an extended warranty, a high-end display, and numerous automated programs to choose from, making your indoor biking experience blissful.

 Teeter Freestep Recumbent Elliptical:

  • If you are looking for an affordable recumbent bike option, the Teeter free step is the right choice. The elliptical comes with a reclining position that puts less pressure on your joints and muscles, which is essential for people who have gone through a knee replacement surgery recently.
  • The bike is very smooth and comes with less noisy magnetic resistance that has adjustable levels making it perfect for home use.
  • After you have recovered from your surgery, you can use the full stride option to increase your workout levels and fully stretch your muscles.
  • The bike has the best in the class digital console and comes with a side stand to hold your bottle or mobile phone while you focus on your workout.

 Inspire Fitness 3 Cardio:

  • If you are looking for a value for money option, the Inspire Fitness 3 cardio offers you the best high-end features of the category at a reasonable price.
  • The bike comes with ten different inbuilt programs of resistance that you can choose from and has an electromagnetic system that reduces friction between the moving parts and is low maintenance.
  • It comes with an easy to use and an adjustable seat that has 3 different reclining positions and comes with a Polar T31 heart rate strap that you can use to monitor your workout.

 Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike:

  • If you want to have a Bluetooth device attached to the recumbent bike that helps you to monitor your workouts, you should go for the Schwinn 270.
  • The bike is full-on with high end technology and features 29 programs you can choose from for your workouts.
  • The bike boasts an LCD console, adjustable fan, USB charging point and built in speakers that make your workout fun and happening. Caution- if you are not that into modern technology, this bike can be a little too much for you.

 Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike:

  • If you are a minimalist who just wants a simple bike to help you recover from your surgery and nothing fancy, Marcy is the right choice.
  • This is a simple exercise bike that comes with 8 levels of resistance and an adjustable knob that you can use post your recovery.
  • The bike saddle is ergonomically designed and comes with high density foam that is very comfortable. The display has an odometer and shows speed, distance, calories burnt, making it functional to monitor your workout. The bike also has weight pedals to provide support to your feet while riding at higher speeds.

Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike:

  • If you are slightly bulky or heavy, this bike is a comfortable option for you and is very easy to sit on and get off if you have just undergone a surgery.
  • The console can hold your smartphone or tablet, and you can enjoy watching movies while you work out.
  • The bike comes with auto controlled magnetic resistance and heart rate pulse sensors to focus on your heart rate and is priced reasonably.

Other accessories and safety products:

If you have gone through a total knee replacement surgery, along with the recumbent bikes, you should go for these products that will aid your recovery-

RMS 7-Piece Hip Knee Replacement Kit: 

This is a 7 piece kit that consists of sticks and grabbers that can support you in your initial days post surgery. The grabbers come with rubber handles and jaws making them more effective to reach objects, dressing sticks will help you to put on your clothes independently, and sock aids come with soft grip handles and adjustable rope lengths.

FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack:

The gel ice pack comes in four different sizes and is effective for cold therapy to aid knee injury and relieve pain post a surgery. This gel pack is double sealed and leak proof and can be washed and reused.

Hinged Knee Brace:

The hinged knee brace helps you to support your knees during exercising post an injury or a replacement surgery. They protect your knees using their bilateral hinges and boost movement while avoiding any discomfort. 

Knee Cast Cover:

This waterproof knee cast cover comes in handy to protect your knee area post-surgery during showers and baths. Made up of high medical grade TPU material, it keeps the knee area free from moisture, and elastic openings make it easy to pull on and off without any pain.


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