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Which Garmin to Buy Cycling

Which Garmin Bike Computer to Buy? Top 5 Garmin Cycling Devices

Having to navigate, track and keeping our eyes stay on the road, are all problems that cyclist face daily. Thankfully, with the rise of the new decade, we are starting to see more affordable, and effective devices that enable us with the right features to stay on top of your game. Through GPS navigation, accurate navigation, performance monitoring systems, and a plethora more, Garmin has equipped us with the necessary equipment to let technology assist us in our biking endeavors. Nevertheless, picking the right Garmin cycling device doesn’t always come easy, therefore, we’ve meticulously crafted this article to give you an easier time picking one up through extensive comparisons, in-depth reviews, and more!

Garmin Bike Computer Comparison: Top Models

Garmin cycling devices offer endless features for cyclists of any riding style to take advantage of. One of the most prominent out of them all, is the Garmin Cycle Map that comes preloaded on all devices (on this article) except for the Edge 130. This allows you to precisely plan and navigate through routes, all within a small and compact device, which can be easily mounted onto your bike.

Moreover, these unique cycling computers allow you to correctly monitor your own performance on each trip. Some of the key components of data you’ll gain access to are your current power measurement, left/right balance, cycling dynamics, alerts, advanced workouts, and many more nuances to keep you in shape.

Each device is perfectly customized and catered to a specific audience and cyclist, to allow for a better performance overall. Additionally, with the Garmin Connect application that has been made available on all Garmin cycling devices, and can be found on computers and compatible mobile devices, you can attain a better insight into your workouts, as well as being able to efficiently plan your commute and many more!

Lastly, for those users who prefer participating in rougher challenges in tough conditions, you can rest assured, knowing all these devices are fitted with water-proofing technology, and showcases a water rating of IPX7, as well as having durable, and strong outer casings. Keep in mind that you can purchase extra casings just in case, which will also be listed below.

Which Is the Best Garmin for Cycling?

Shown below is an insightful review written based on my personal experiences, which includes the device’s top features, a quick summary/overview, and who the device is best suited for; all separated into distinct categories.

Best Value Garmin Cycle Computer

Garmin Edge 130

Overview of the Garmin Edge 130

  • Currently the cheapest Garmin cycling device, the Edge 130 is compact and allows you to use every bit of its features to the fullest extent with a weight of only 33 grams, and a battery life of up to 13 hours. The Garmin Edge 130 might be the smallest in the bunch, but will be sure to pack a punch with its navigation and performance displays that give you only what you need.

Garmin Edge 130 Review

  • At first glance, the Garmin Edge 130 doesn’t seem to be capable of achieving much. However, once you’ve gotten your hands on it, you’ll have no problems riding through town, and increase your performance through the built-in functions, that the Garmin Edge 130 provides for riders of any kind. This is the best budget option for any cyclist, especially considering its wide array of features, and ideal form factor.

Who is the Garmin Edge 130 for?

  • Cyclists who occasionally ride, and aren’t 100% dedicated to performance monitoring; as this device has a simplified version of the navigation and performance monitoring systems in typical Garmin cycling devices, you wouldn’t be able to do much in terms of configuring it, and using it to gain better insights. But it will be ideal as a gift to use on your daily commute, or for regular routes, due to the affordable pricing, and sturdy design.

Notable Features of the Garmin Edge 130 Bicycle Computer

  • Easy navigation display, which allows you to have a basic map of your surroundings, as well as the ability to download your routes, with Garmin Connect.
  • Basic navigation system, to effortlessly get to the desired location.
  • Performance monitoring, to supply you with vital information such as average speed, current speed, time, distance as well as your current power output.

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Most Versatile

Garmin Edge 520 Plus:

Suitable Protective Casing:

Suitable Tempered Glass:

Garmin Edge 520 Plus



The Garmin Edge 520 showcases many stunning features and advancements, which is particularly evident in its advanced GPS navigation, as well as its intelligent performance monitoring systems. This device allows users to gain a better understanding performance-wise, as well as having a more clear-cut map. Moreover, the device is capable of lasting up to 15 hours.


As an entry into the Garmin cycling devices product line that contains a fully colored display, you won’t be disappointed! Not only does this device contain advanced systems and GPS tracking, but it also utilizes your current performance, to help you produce better results on your next run.

Who Is It For?

Mainly those who are looking for a quick and easy cycling computer solution. Such as road, or all-rounder cyclists who are seeking to achieve more when utilizing the Edge 520 Plus, as it doesn’t have many restrictions and allows you to precisely plan your routes, and easily improve through its various sensors that provide you with vital information on how to improve.

Notable Features

  • Garmin cycle map preloaded to help you quickly & efficiently plan your routes, and to seamlessly navigate through any area!
  • Advanced performance monitoring, to show exactly your areas of improvement, and what are your current statistics, such as power output, timer, and more!
  • Third-party app support, which allows you to utilize other popular GPS, performance, and analytical tracking applications to boost your skills.


Garmin Edge 530

Garmin Edge 530:

Suitable Mount:



For just a little more in comparison to the Edge 520 Plus(Full comparison between the two is listed down below!), you’ll be equipped with a top-notch GPS navigation system, as well as a 20-hour battery life. One of the more remarkable features this has, is its data collection, which shows you exactly how you perform in different environments, how to improve your stamina, and many more!


As someone looking to achieve better results, the Garmin Edge 530 has undoubtedly assisted me in not just that aspect, but also navigating, and having my every turn tracked and collected to give me a better overview of my areas of improvements. Whether you viciously train, or only ride on weekends, one thing’s for sure; the Garmin Edge 530 won’t fall short on your expectations.

Who Is It For?

Mountain bikers, track cyclists, BMX riders, and any casual riders looking to amp up their current abilities. Due to the advanced features the Edge 530 has preinstalled, you can have an easier time navigating and tracking your performance on your next adventure, wherever it might be!

Notable Features

  • Safety precautions, through accident detection sensors, you can immediately contact anyone on your emergency contact list when you’ve found yourself in an unforeseen accident.
  • ClimbPro, used to show your current grade and how to improve, based on your current climbing status.
  • Garmin cycle map, to view every intricate turn and twist on your path, and to correctly plan your routes before every ride.

Most Outstanding 

Garmin Edge 830

Garmin Edge 830:

Suitable Mount:


The Garmin Edge 830 is a solid device that does everything you could ever want it to. From on-device course creation to constant weather notifications to ensure your safety, and everything in between, the Edge 830 doesn’t stop; with ClimbPro and many more cycling applications preloaded onto the device, you can gain an advantage in any style of cycling.


Realistically, the Edge 830 is near perfect in just about every aspect and is among one of the top-rated as shown by its countless satisfied customers. Besides the Garmin cycle map and its performance monitors, the device also enables you to create your own routes, directly onto the device itself! Having a 15-hour battery life means you can go on for at least 2 days of cycling before it would require a recharge.

Who Is It For?

All cyclists! However, this is mainly targeted towards mountain bikers, track cyclist, BMX riders, and anyone else who is looking for a seamless experience that doesn’t require much tinkering. 

Notable Features

  • Training monitoring, to directly show you the data of how you’ve been performing on your previous few rides, ensuring you improve every time!
  • Turn-by-turn directions, to allow for precise navigation even in the worst of conditions.

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030:

Suitable Silicone Casing:


On the very top of the line of Garmin cycling devices, comes the Garmin Edge 1030. The most modern, exquisite and sophisticated piece of technology, with a variety of features such as automated routing, in-depth performance overviews, connection to your mobile device to take on calls & messages, and many more!


From the advanced Garmin cycle map to the Starva performance review application, this device is the finest! Planning, routing, to navigating, have all been fully taken care of by this compact device, allowing you to enjoy your journey. Furthermore, you can receive notifications to keep track of your messages, and calls, while you’re out.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is deeply involved in the cycling scene such as athletes, competitive cyclists, mountain cyclists, or even tech-savvy users who wouldn’t mind playing around with the settings, to hone their skills. Or for those who wouldn’t mind investing more into their abilities of cycling.

Notable Features

  • Automated route generator, using Garmin’s data that have been collected, you can find the best route at your current location!
  • Strava implementation used to push you to your limits, through competing with your cycling buddies.
  • Customize the device with only what you need. Such as downloading third-party software to inform you of the latest weather or to achieve better performance data.

Garmin Cycling Devices Comparison

Garmin Edge 520 Plus VS Garmin Edge 530

The Garmin Edge 530 has prevailed in its feature when compared to the Edge 520 Plus. Here a full list of improvements you can find on the Edge 530:

  • 20-hour battery life, instead of a 15-hour battery on the Edge 520 Plus
  • ClimbPro
  • Battery Save Mode
  • Bike Alarm
  • Device-to-device transfer

For a relatively small price differentiation between the two products, the Garmin Edge 530 gives an overall better user experience through its more advanced mapping and performance systems, therefore, I highly recommend picking the Garmin Edge 530. Nevertheless, the Garmin Edge 520 is in a league of its own considering its price point and is an excellent alternative.

Garmin Edge 530 VS Garmin Edge 830

The Garmin Edge 830 is a better all-round option and allows for all cyclists to indulge in its ease-of-use and wide spectrum of features, here’s exactly what it does better than its predecessor:

  • On-device course creation ( Course creation needs to be done on a separate device such as your phone or computer for the Garmin Edge 530)
  • Touchscreen

Both are relatively similar, but if you’re looking to use a touchscreen and to create your courses on the go, the Garmin Edge 830 will be a great pick!

Garmin Edge 830 VS Garmin Edge 1030

The Garmin Edge 1030 remains the undefeated champion within all Garmin cycling devices, here are some of the features and traits it has, that beat out the Edge 830: 

  • Advanced Starva segments
  • Ability to add custom maps
  • Popularity routing
  • Bigger screen (3.5″ touchscreen on the Edge 1030, while the Edge 830 has a 2.6″ touchscreen)

For just a few bucks extra, you’ll be gaining a much-needed advantage on the Edge 1030 through its larger screen, phenomenal routing system, and custom mapping feature.

Extra Garmin Accessories

Some of these devices enable compatibility with other Garmin devices, such as bike lights, which makes the experience a more streamlined one. Moreover, Garmin’s heart monitor is an ideal choice when trying to maintain your stamina and exercise efficiently. Here are some of the best picks:

Garmin Varia TL 300

Garmin Varia TL 300:

The Garmin Varia TL 300 works with compatible Garmin cycling devices and utilizes a bright light to adjust, based on your current area and condition. One of my most beloved features in this accessory is that the light changes and projects further based on how fast you’re cycling. This is a perfect addition to your biking setup, especially if you prefer cycling at night, or in tough conditions.

Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin HRM-Tri Heart Rate Monitor:

As the name suggests, the Garmin HRM-Tri fits in a compact band that spans across your chest when doing activities that aren’t limited to just cycling. The device stores your data and shows it to you on Garmin Connect, which can be installed on mobile devices or your PC. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to