Best Bike Locks For City Security

Best Bike Locks For City: Top 5 Locks

One of the essential items when owning the best bike lock for city use and security. Protect your pride and joy from being stolen with these reliable security devices. A lot can happen in just minutes of leaving your bike outside without any form of security. Bicycles are one of the most easily stolen items. You will want to keep your bike secured as theft is prevalent mostly in the city. Thieves can approach your bike and pedal it away. These thieves are criminals of opportunities. You can decrease the risk of this happening to you by purchasing a good bike lock.

Reliable and robust bike locks are an effective deterrent so that you can prevent your precious bicycle from being stolen. Our testers at PedalSteady have compiled some of the best bike locks available today to prevent thieves from stealing your bike, especially when cycling in the city.

5 Best Bike Locks for the City

Hiplok DX Bicycle U-Lock

If you’re looking for a bike lock that is reliable and durable that can protect your bike from theft, the Hiplok DX is an excellent choice. The Hiplok DX U lock features a “CLIP + RIDE” system so that you can conveniently carry it on your bags or belts. The steel shackle has a thick 14 mm with a hardened steel body. It ensures security, even in the harshest attacks on the lock. You get the best security features, like Dual locking and an anti-twist shackle that adds enhanced protection for your bike. The locking cylinder of the Hiplok DX is very tough to penetrate and break. The bike lock is also lightweight, so you can carry it anywhere inside your bag when commuting. This bike lock is perfect when used in the city as it is light, secure, and easy to carry around with the “CLIP + RIDE” system. It is one of the most convenient choices you can have in a bike lock. 

Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock

The Kryptonite New York Standard is one of the most popular choices when finding a bike lock. Many people find this bike lock incredible, as Kryptonite has excellent support for their customers. An anti-theft protection offer is with every purchase of this security device. This protection ensures that when the bike lock failed to secure your biker, Kryptonite offers to pay for your bike. A key safe program is also there if you lost your keys. You can register your keys online, and Kryptonite will ship you two extra keys at no cost. The bike lock’s shackle size features a 16mm hardened steel. It has maximum performance double-deadbolts that engages the lock on both ends for very tough security.

A “Pass-Thru” crossbar design prevents various attacks on the lock, ensuring security on those formidable attacks on the bike lock. The cylinder is also pick-and-drill resistant so that even if a thief has the tools to steal your bike, it will stop the chances of the bicycle from being stolen. Many city cyclists recommend this bike lock for its exceptionally reliable security features and durability.

Onguard Brute STD Brute U-Lock

For those looking for affordable but effective security for their precious bikes in the city, the Onguard Brute is one best choice in the market right now. It is ideal for top-tier protection, especially when using their bikes in city environment settings. This bike lock is one of the first to receive a Sold Secure Diamond Rating. It speaks volumes about how tough this bike lock is.

The bike lock features a 16.8 mm hardened steel TriRadius shackle, which is very resistant even if thieves use big bolt cutters. The shackle has four secured positions, making this a very reliable bike lock to use, especially in places where theft is rampant. For the affordable price you pay, you get double bolted shackles, which you can only see in high-end bike locks. The bike lock also features a Z-cylinder, which prevents pulling, picking, and drilling the lock. Choose the Onguard Brute if you want an affordable bike lock without compromised security features.

ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

The ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is a light bike lock different from the usual chains and U-locks. It is convenient to carry around since it is compact in size. You can easily store it on your bag, and you won’t notice you’re carrying around a bike lock. It features a versatile folding technology for easy storage. This feature is excellent for those cycling around the city and wants a portable but reliable bike lock. It has thick 5.5 mm thick folding links designed to make the lock very difficult to cut with hand tools. The bike lock is also resistant to picking with its XPlus precision disc cylinder, a unique technology feature developed by ABUS. ABUS rates this compact and light bike lock a fantastic top score 0f 15 in their security level systems, making this one of the best choices for a compact and reliable lock for their city cycling. 

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock with Double Loop Cable

One of the most versatile bike locks is the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7. It combines the strength of a U-lock and the practicality of the cable. It’s an excellent choice for those doubting the security in using cables for their bikes. When U-locks combine with cables, it can become a good deterrent for thieves to steal your bike. The Kryptonite Evolution is for those who use their bike in low to medium-risk areas. The double loop cable prevents your front tire from being stolen. The cable attaches securely to the U-lock.

The bike lock comes with a 13 mm hardened steel that resists even the toughest bolt cutters. You also get three stainless steel keys, which is great if you lost at least one of the keys. The bike lock has a disc-style cylinder that’s pick-and-drill resistant, be assured that it will secure your bike well. You don’t have to worry about thieves with tools that will attempt to steal your bike. A reinforced cuff over crossbar enhances the lock’s security features.

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